Wednesday, October 23, 2013

25 October 2013 International Insolvency & Restructuring Symposium in Berlin, Germany

On behalf of the International Scene column of the American Bankruptcy Institute Journal for which I serve as Coordinating Editor, I extend an invitation to join the American Bankruptcy Institute this coming Friday, the 25th of October 2013, for the International Insolvency & Restructuring Symposium in Berlin.

Berlin is a good place for discussion of insolvency and restructuring.  Germany prides itself on being the economic engine of Europe.  World-wide market conditions changed in the last few years and German law has been reformed to reflect the changes, which were driving some German companies to seek bankruptcy protection overseas, famously in the United Kingdom.  As the law has been reformed, retailers and other German businesses have decided to seek bankruptcy protection at home instead of overseas to address their financial issues.

It will be interesting, I am sure, to hear the panelists at the International Insolvency & Restructuring Symposium discuss the changes to German law and other topics on the agenda, including how to restructure the solar and wind energy sector, which has been suffering at a time one would expect it to be booming.

More information about the Symposium is available on the website of the American Bankruptcy Institute:

I welcome inquiries about registering for the Symposium via email to

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